lumbung members & artists

Color printing from woodcut shows a group of people sitting together, a child is on the lap, some have cups in their hands, the mood is warm, in blue, yellow and green colors.


The group photo shows the artists' collective FAFSWAG. All look friendly, standing into the camera. One person squats in the middle, he/she has al single sunglasses on and has a striking green plush coat from which his/her thigh is visible. The woman next to it, standing in the middle, holds a prize in her hand and the other around the squatting person. All stand in a pleasantly bright room, in the background small sculptures and a modern drawing.


The two artists of Black Quantum Futurism stand in front of a white wall.

Black Quantum Futurism

School desks and chairs stacked chaotically at the end of a blue hallway.

Graziela Kunsch

The photo shows African children around 10 years old. The girl in the middle is looking into the camera, she has blond-red dyed rasta braids and holds a sign with the inscription

Wajukuu Art Project

A black and white photo of the artist. She has a hood on and looks into the distance.

Chang En-Man

A sketch of Sourabh Phadke.

Sourabh Phadke

A group photo during the Vietnamese New Year celebration. People are sitting in a wooden hut room on the floor around a small table and look happily into the camera. In the background many flowers, lights and pots.

Nhà Sàn Collective

Small stacks of cards on a brown table, with a microphone on top. One of the cards reads

Another Roadmap Africa Cluster (ARAC)

Fashion show in Trampoline House during its ninth birthday in 2019. The photo shows a catwalk improvised in the hallway on which a cheerful dark-skinned woman wears a white traditional robe. The spectators and children are clapping or filming with their smartphones.

Trampoline House

A drawing. Red shapes on a blue background.

Arts Collaboratory

Various paper documents and notes from the 1990s, including a drawing on a squared sheet: two students and an Arabic heading above them.

Archives des luttes des femmes en Algérie

It is night and a film scene is being shot outdoors. Spotlights illuminate the camera team. Children and residents stand or sit along a wall and watch the filming.

Komîna Fîlm a Rojava

OFF-Biennale Budapest

Richard Bell in front of one of his artworks.

Richard Bell

A room furnished in 60s style, with green, posterized walls. Next to a large bookshelf, piles of books lie on small tables in the middle. In the back on the wall shelf there's a radio, a typewriter and a telephone.

Fehras Publishing Practices

Más Arte Más Acción

Twelve black and white photographic portraits of the artists*. Some look serious, others smile, one looks sideways into the distance, one has closed eyes, and in one portrait you can't see a face behind the veil of chains; moreover, this person is wearing three seat cushions and a bone-like pile of wood on his head.

The Nest Collective

Four portraits on old faded photo paper.

yasmine eid-sabbagh

A black and white photo of the artist. He looks directly into the camera, has thick dark hair, some beard and wears a dark cotton shirt.

Amol K Patil

Jumana Emil Abboud

Keleketla! Library

Carnival Remembering 4 years of the Lapindo mud Tragedy at Siring Barat. People parade down the street with costumes and banners.

Taring Padi

There is a person watching pictures on the computer. The picture says 'This is difficult because you know what the situation is like in Baghdad'.

Sada [regroup]

Portrait of Pınar Öğrenci

Pınar Ögrenci

A black and white drawing of people in everyday situations.

Serigrafistas queer

An emblematic drawing from the 16th century in black and white shows an elderly, confused man with a nest and a bird on his head, trying to ward off flying insects with a broom.

Erick Beltrán

The photo shows a colorful entrance hall of a cinema building, the glass door in the foreground. The walls are painted with various motifs from the art, pop and film scene, such as Marylin Monroe in a golden frame or the Last Supper motif; here with bright pink, blue, yellow colors on large wall.

Britto Arts Trust

A meadow with olive trees and a wall on the right side.

Marwa Arsanios

An open book is held by two hands in the blue sky. Green leaves on the left and right edge suggest trees.

La Intermundial Holobiente

People sitting on a roof terrace and taking part in an artist workshop

LE 18

Baan Noorg Collaborative Arts and Culture

Four men look into the camera. In the background a housing estate.

Alice Yard

A wide, mown straw field on which three people are. All three are looking into the distance.


On the roof of a Haitian housing estate, a man sits on a large wooden chair surrounded by trees, forest in the background, and a crucified, suspended doll in the foreground.

Atis Rezistans | Ghetto Biennale

Installation view. In the center of the picture is a sculpture, it is surrounded by trees and information boards.


The Family of JaF at the opening of the Village Video Festival.Family of JaF on the occasion of the opening of the Village Video Festival. The photo shows a very large group of about 40 people all smiling and gesticulating, for example, the peace sign, looking at the camera. In the first row are mostly children or young people.

Jatiwangi art Factory

A group of visitors stand in the exhibition space and look at a man standing in the middle. He is wearing a long red vest and black laced high-heeled sandals and is stretching his arms upwards. In the foreground are two round sculptures on two pedestals. Some of the spectators take photos or videos with their cell phones.

Sa Sa Art Projects

Portrait of Safdar Ahmed

Safdar Ahmed

Residents and children sit in a circle in a courtyard and talk to each other. The Tunisian flag hangs on a clothesline above them.

El Warcha

The black and white photo shows from the side a donkey with a two-wheeled trailer, on which a man sits facing the camera. He carries on his head small square packages, which are fastened with cords. He looks skeptical, the donkey's head is turned backwards towards him. The nature in the background is a hilly stone desert.

Siwa plateforme - L'Economat at Redeyef

Instituto de Artivismo Hannah Arendt

In an exhibition room, between two wall-sized colorful paintings, stand a man wearing a red sweatshirt and a woman wearing a floral motif sweater. The man holds his hand gently against the woman's cheek, both smile. Solo exhibition as part of a collaboration between Project Art Works and Phoenix Art Space

Project Art Works

A photo from the Asia Art Archive Library. There are shelves of books in the middle and a visitor is sitting at a computer on the left edge of the picture.

Asia Art Archive

A meme or diagram with circles showing the concepts of

Cem A.

A film screening on a big screen on the beach at night with a lot of viewers.

Cinema Caravan and Takashi Kuribayashi

Hamja Ahsan with a glass and book in his hand.

Hamja Ahsan

A green ceramic pot from above, on the bottom on purple and yellow a black hand-like symbol.

Agus Nur Amal PMTOH

A pencil drawing shows a model. Circular diagram objects, small snippets of photos and a map, each with labels. All these are connected by dashed lines.


Eine Skulptur die einen schreienden Mann mit ausgestreckten Armen zeigt. Im Hintergrund eine stark befahrene Straße.

Sebastián Díaz Morales and Simon Danang Anggoro

Procession during the Festival sur le Niger celebration. Procession during the festivities of the Festival sur le Niger: The photo shows a dark-skinned African person with a flashy cappy, brown dreadlocks and lots of chains. He has sunglasses on and a golden whistle in her mouth connected to a kind of homemade trumpet in his hand. In the background blue sky and many other people at the party.

Fondation Festival sur le Niger

A building, the outer wall is painted with white and black permanent marker. Various terms and paintings can be seen.

Dan Perjovschi

Gudskul in Jakarta, Indonesia. Gudskul in Jakarta, Indonesia. The photo shows from above the building with a blue logo on which Gudskul stands. In front of it a street with passing scooters. The building is located in a built-up area of the city but with a lot of green trees, palm trees and in the background the skyscrapers of Jakarta.


A section of a room from The Black Archives. There is a small table in the middle and shelves filled with books on the walls.

The Black Archives

Illustration of the Question of Funding shows on a blue background with white pen painted dots which again surround green dots. These are connected with each other with lines. The entire drawing contains handwritten notes in English and Arabic.

The Question of Funding

A photo of Jimmie Durham, looking directly into the camera with his right eye squinted shut, wearing a black bandana with green skull heads.

Jimmie Durham & A Stick in the Forest by the Side of the Road

A bird's eye view directly from above of an open air stage next to a building. The stage is framed by a white scaffolding. Two people are standing on the stage. In front of the stage red chairs, some empty, some with visitors.

Centre d’art Waza

A bamboo hut on a roof of a building. In the background a residential area in a mountainous, green landscape.

Cao Minghao & Chen Jianjun

The photo shows the building of the Center for Art and Urbanistics in Berlin from above . It is made out of light brown bricks and has a large courtyard area in the front, also a lot of greenery. In the background some railroad lines, behind them more buildings, blue sky.

ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics

Portrait of Saodat Ismailova

Saodat Ismailova

Portrait of Nino Bulling

Nino Bulling


Portrait photo of Putra Hidayatullah in a colorful shirt in front of a colorful wall.

Putra Hidayatullah

A man stands in front of green plants and films something with a camera

Wakaliga Uganda

The artist, wearing sunglasses and headphones, holds a recording device in her outstretched hand. In the background village wooden huts.

Nguyen Trinh Thi

Party Office b2b Fadescha

A drawing with simple strokes shows two people at a house by the water.

ook_ [reinaart vanhoe, Neue Brüderkirche, Espora, me_sobat, Colorlabor, graanschuur Tarwewijk, Elaine W. Ho, Bartira, Wok The Rock, COLLECTive, k. format, Take-A-Way, Plan B, Dynamitas unlimited, ...]

It is dark, only a light bulb hanging down in the middle is shining. People are sitting around it and looking into the center, where a large round cheese is lying under the light bulb. This is cut by the male person squatting in front of it. Among the people, a dog also looks excitedly at the action.


Portrait of Kiri Dalena

Kiri Dalena

A colorful imaginative drawing with people in a forest.

Victoria Lomasko

Abdul Dube sits at a desk in a room, sketching on his tablet, with a laptop open in front of Abdul.

Abdul Dube

Different Film canisters from the Tokyo Reels collection

Subversive Film

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