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Party Office is an anti-caste, anti-racist, trans*feminist art and social space. It investigates the commons through intersectional enquiries, dialogues, and celebrations towards future critical publics. Party is a political group; a site for building solidarity, kinship, and the possibility to “do nothing” in safe company. Office is interested in deconstructing gendered structures and hierarchical organizing; centering the act of survival, undoing the conditioning of neo-liberal work through queer anarchist positions. Located in Delhi, Party Office simultaneously performs at satellite sites and as conceptual architecture.

Portrait of Vidisha-Fadescha of Party Office

Portrait of Vidisha-Fadescha, Party Office, New Delhi, 2020, photo: Shaunak Mahbubani

Party Office has introduced an annual Archiving Fellowship, which was granted to anti-caste socio-cultural activists Samata Kala Manch for the year 2020–21.Consent of The Governed (co-edited by After Party Collective, 2021) is an ongoing publication series examining the interplay between constitution, law, and social strictures, through the subjectivities of kink. In 2020, Party Office hosted Party Office Hours, online conversations foregrounding lived experiences of Dalit, Trans*, and OBC voices. Soil-To-Soil Meal, a food-based social gathering, was organised with Aru (The Millet Kitchen), encouraging dialogue about ecology and the commons.

Party Office, hosted by Fadescha, continues to build it´s multiplicities with Shaunak Mahbubani, Jyotsna Siddharth, Joey Cannizzarro, Aru, Amrish Kondurkar, Ali Akbar Mehta, Abhinit Khanna, Vidha Saumya, Ramya Patnaik, Pranita Thorat, Karan Kaul, Shahmen Suku and more.

Vidisha-Fadescha, an artist-curator, instigates collectivity as a norm-critical pedagogy to queer hegemonies. Their video works engage performance, text and sound, archiving pluralities of radical figures.

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Party Office b2b Fadescha