documenta fifteen has aimed to make its website, social media, exhibition venues, and education programs as accessible as possible.

Because documenta fifteen is not completely barrier-free, we have listed potential barriers below as well as on each venue page to help you plan your visit to the exhibition.

We see accessibility as an ongoing learning process, which is why the documenta fifteen Accessibility Team welcomes your comments and suggestions. If you have any questions about your visit, feedback, or comments, please contact us at

The development and implementation of accessibility measures are taking place in dialogue with a diverse range of local and international networks. These include:

  • Project Art Works, lumbung member of documenta fifteen
  • berlinklusion – Netzwerk für Zugänglichkeit in Kunst und Kultur und Initiativen
  • Easy Read: Marie-Lotti Challier, certified Easy Read Translation Service as well as leicht ist klar – Büro für Leichte Sprache
  • specialized advisory boards to the city government

Together with its partners, documenta fifteen advocates a sustained expansion of barrier-free access to the exhibition and events.

Enjoy your visit to documenta fifteen!


documenta fifteen takes place in Kassel, Germany. If you are coming to Kassel from Germany, it is best to arrive by train, car, or bicycle.


documenta und Museum Fridericianum gGmbH
Friedrichsplatz 18
34117 Kassel

The “Plan your Visit” page on our website provides detailed information on traveling to Kassel.


If you are arriving by car, we recommend the central Park & Ride service at the Messeplatz Schwanenwiese. From there, you can take public transport to all documenta fifteen venues.

Park & Ride Messeplatz Schwanenwiese

Park & Ride (P&R) is an ideal way to organize your visit to the exhibition. With a documenta fifteen day pass, two-day pass, evening ticket, or family ticket, you can take a tram or bus to the eastern side of Kassel or the downtown area in just a few minutes. If you have a season ticket, you may purchase discounted MultiTickets.

For drivers with disabilities, parking is available across from Platz der Deutschen Einheit at P&R Platz Leistersche Wiese, entry from Dresdner Str. / B83. The parking spaces here provide access to the barrier-free tram station at Platz der Deutschen Einheit via two footbridges with lowered curbs.

The downtown area of Kassel has individual spaces reserved for people with disabilities. A detailed map (in German) showing these spaces is available here.

Tickets and Accessibility Card

People with disabilities (50% degree of disability or more) pay reduced entry to documenta fifteen. Visitors with disabilities who are dependent on an accompanying person may take this accompanying person into the exhibition free of charge. Book ticket

An Accessibility Card facilitates entry to the exhibition and lets you avoid long wait times during your visit. It is available throughout the duration of the exhibition at ruruHaus (Obere Königsstraße 43, 34117 Kassel).

Exhibition walks

The exhibition walks with documenta fifteen mediators, called sobat-sobat, are conceived to be as barrier-free as possible. Here is a selection of our barrier-free offerings:

Walks and Stories

  • while seated
  • with induction loop hearing support
  • with descriptive and multi-sensory content
  • in easy language
  • in German Sign Language & International Sign
  • online live tours

The sobat-sobat are trained in nonverbal communication, active listening, and easy language; they also take part in sensitivity workshops.

Book Walks and Stories here

Pathways and entrances

Barrier-free pathways and entrances have generally been incorporated in the exhibition planning. This primarily includes wheel-chair accessible, level access ways.

A number of spaces at specific venues are not barrier-free. These will be indicated through signage at the venue, as well as online. A detailed description of specific barriers can be viewed on the respective pages of the exhibition venue under the “Accessibility” section.

Walks and Stories

Exhibition tours, so-called Walks and Stories, are available in a stationary, seated position.

Barrier-free toilets

Barrier-free toilets are located in these exhibition venues:

More information on the exact location and access can be found on the respective page of the exhibition venue.

Changing Place

Most venues for documenta fifteen have standard barrier-free toilets. However, for many people with disabilities, it is not possible to uses these toilets, since they do not have a reclining option.

For this reason, a barrier-free changing place will be installed at the Fridericianum (Friedrichsplatz 18, 34117 Kassel), which includes a changing table and a hoist.

This sanitary facility will remain in place after documenta fifteen.


Videos in German Sign Language and International Sign are be available on the website and address the following:

  • about documenta fifteen, lumbung and ruangrupa
  • website navigation
  • practical information for your exhibition visit

Watch the videos in International Sign here

Event series with International Sign interpreters

Videos for these events are available at the documenta fifteen media library and on our Youtube channel.

Walks and Stories

Exhibition tours, called Walks and Stories, are offered in German Sign Language and International Sign. Hearing support is provided by an induction loop. This is free of charge for every exhibition tour, depending on availability.

Book Walks and Stories in German Sign Language here


Unfortunately, we were not able to produce a tactile navigation system for the exhibition venues. Assistance dogs are permitted at all documenta fifteen locations.

On the documenta fifteen Website there are descriptive texts linked to the images. The sitemap facilitates orientation for individuals who used a screen-reader program.

Walks and Stories

Exhibition tours, called Walks and Stories, are offered with tactile and multi-sensory context. Included in each exhibition tour at no extra charge is induction-loop hearing support, depending on availability.

Book Walks and Stories with descriptive and multi-sensory content here

Quiet Space

Exhibition visitors who need to rest from their exhibition visit in a low-noise and low-light environment, can visit selected quiet spaces.

There are quiet spaces at the following venues:

Seating islands, which invite visitors to rest and relax are placed through the entire urban area of Kassel. These will appear on our map shortly.

Easy Read

The website provides information about documenta fifteen, ruangrupa, lumbung, ticketing, and accessibility in Easy Read. Additional texts in Easy Read on the exhibition venues and service information are currently being translated and will come online shortly.

An exhibition booklet in Easy Read is available at multiple locations throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Walks and Stories

Exhibition tours, called Walks and Stories, are offered in easy language.

Book Walks and Stories in Easy Language here

Barriers on the website

The website of documenta fifteen offers a range of functions in order to reduce barriers online. These include:

  • a version in simple design
  • contrast regulation
  • the ability to turn off animation
  • a back-to-top button in order to quickly return to the homepage
  • information in Easy Read
  • a video in German Sign Language and International Sign on navigating our website

A sitemap has been set up that is compatible with screen reader programs and that describes the structure of the website, and descriptive texts have been linked to all images.

Bookmarks will be added to improve website navigation as will videos about using the website, on documenta fifteen, and to an exhibition visit that took place in German Sign Language and International Sign.

On-site Help and Assistance

You can borrow a wheelchair for use on-site at the larger exhibition venues of documenta fifteen or book one in advance. If you would like to borrow a wheelchair, please contact:

Assistance dogs are permitted at all venues of documenta fifteen. The reduced entry fee for severely disabled visitors also includes free entry for their accompaniment.

If you need help due to limited mobility or other disabilities, please contact our staff members on-site or



Coordination Accessibility und Diversity
Peter Anhalt
Team Accessibility and Diversity
Magda Duraj
Karoline Köber
Bo Melanie Liu

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