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Project Art Works (Hastings) is a UK-based collective of artists and makers. They produce and disseminate art underpinned by radical approaches to neurodiversity, rights, and representation.

In an exhibition room, between two wall-sized colorful paintings, stand a man wearing a red sweatshirt and a woman wearing a floral motif sweater. The man holds his hand gently against the woman's cheek, both smile. Solo exhibition as part of a collaboration between Project Art Works and Phoenix Art Space

Project Art Works, Siddharth Gadjyar solo exhibition, as part of a collaboration between Project Art Works and the gallery Phoenix Art Space, Brighton, 2019, Photo: Hugh Fox

The term neurodiversity, composed of neurology and diversity, has been forming into a concept and a growing movement based on the fundamental assumption of neurological ­diversity and the impact of this diversity on perceptual processes, behavioral patterns, and forms of representation.

Project Art Works’ program evolves through supported studio practice and radiates out into multiple collaborations, exhibitions, co-commissions, movies, publications, and digital outputs. Personalized and holistic studio environments are recreated wherever a project takes place. The studio is a place of level hierarchy where events and happenings unfold, revealing the lived experience and creative potential of all those involved (as can be seen in this video). Artists and makers work together in purposeful collaboration through total communication that utilizes language or gesture, sound, signing, and empathy.

The collective interrogates and promotes creative and sustainable models of artist development and care through practice-based research, productions, and partnerships. The work of neurodiverse artists is disseminated via social media, digital platforms, and cultural and care collaborations nationally and internationally. Through aspirational planning, free training, and advocacy, families and caregivers are given opportunities to utilize their knowledge and skills to better navigate and harness health and social care systems and explore bespoke models of care that improve their lives. In recognition of its practice which celebrates and raises awareness of the dynamic and extraordinary contribution neurominorities and care givers make to society, art and culture, Project Art Works was shortlisted for the Turner Prize 2021.

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