yasmine eid-sabbagh

In her practice yasmine eid-sabbagh explores potentials of human agency by engaging in experimental, collective work processes.

Four portraits on old faded photo paper.

From Vies possibles et imaginaires (Editions Photosynthèses, Arles, 2012), a collaboration with Rozenn Quéré, courtesy the artist

These include (counter-)archiving practices such as the negotiation around a potential digital archive (re)assembled in collaboration with inhabitants of Burj al-Shamali, a Palestinian refugee camp near Tyr, Lebanon, and radical pedagogical projects such as Ses Milanes-créixer a la natura, a self-organized forest kindergarten in Bunyola, Spain, using nature as its main infrastructure. Photography often acts as a medium for her to communally investigate notions of collectivity, power, and endurance; for example, in her engagement as a member of the Arab Image Foundation, a practitioner-led archival institution, and as a focus in her PhD in Art Theory and Cultural Studies from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (2018).

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yasmine eid-sabbagh