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The photo shows a colorful entrance hall of a cinema building, the glass door in the foreground. The walls are painted with various motifs from the art, pop and film scene, such as Marylin Monroe in a golden frame or the Last Supper motif; here with bright pink, blue, yellow colors on large wall.

Britto Arts Trust, Rongbaaz, Contemporary artists in collaboration with Rickshaw and Cinema Banner painters, Britto Space, Dhaka, 2020, Photo: Mohosin Kabir Himalay

Britto Arts Trust (Britto, Dhaka) is an artist-run non-profit collective founded in 2002. As part of the Triangle Network, an international network of artists and visual arts organizations, it has a global reach.

Britto Arts Trust is based in Dhaka, but works extensively in different locations across the country. Britto attempts to understand Bangladesh’s socio-political upheaval by exploring missing histories, cultures, and communities and collaborating with various partners.

Britto seeds and promotes multiple interdisciplinary practitioners, groups, and networks. It provides an international and local forum for the development of professional art practitioners, a place where they can meet, discuss, experiment, and upgrade their abilities on their own terms. In response to the lack of suitable educational institutions in Bangladesh, Britto functions as an alternative learning platform for many artists who have gone on to produce highly experimental work.

Over the past few years, Britto has concentrated on large-scale, long-term projects focusing on socio-political issues and engaging communities and participants from various spheres. One example is ZERO WASTE-FoodArt, which was established during the coronavirus pandemic. Since March 2020, this initiative has worked with a number of artists and art collectives to create socially responsible projects at various locations in Bangladesh and abroad. Starting from its connection to local roots, histories, and communities, Britto engages with international events, such as the organization of the first Bangladesh Pavilion at the 54th Biennale di Venezia in 2011.

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