What kind of we could we be? Collective thinking by collectives – theory of collectivism by The Question of Funding, Britto Arts Trust, Project Art Works, Party Office b2b Fadescha

Location: WH22

Languages: English


Organized by Asia Forum and Worlding Public Cultures, the workshop with lumbung member The Question of Funding revolves around the question of “What and why collectivism?,” and “How collectively?” to explore the ethical, political, and intellectual contours and yields of collective practice, the individual and the collective, friendship as method, new forms of kinship, and contingent solidarity within transcultural perspectives.

The conversation also reflects on practical solutions for making collectives more equitable, resilient and sustainable, with collective writing to build a toolkit for collective practice.

Invited guests

Asia Forum
Eva Bentcheva (Worlding Public Cultures)
John Chan (Ghost & John)
Vidisha Fadescha (Party Office b2b Fadescha)
Bettina Fung (Asia-Art-Activism)
Nuraini Juliastuti (Kunci)
Tayeba Lipi (Britto Arts Trust)
Mary Maggic (Mai Ling)
Miwa Negoro (Mai Ling), Project Art Works
Mahbubur Rahman (Britto Arts Trust)
Aria Spinelli (IMAGINART)
Minna Valjakka (Leiden University)
Jinny Yu (Republic of the Other)


Werner-Hilpert-Straße 22, 34117 Kassel



Location: WH22

Languages: English


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