Más Arte Más Acción

Más Arte Más Acción (MAMA) is a nonprofit cultural foundation that generates critical thinking through art.

Photo from the project Srinagar/Kashimir. The photo shows gray smoke, in the center something slightly orange bright. In the first moment it reminds of a volcanic eruption.

Más Arte Más Acción, Fly, from the project Srinagar/Kashimir, Srinagar, 2011, Photo: Fernando Arias

The foundation’s base on Colombia’s Pacific Coast is a source of inspiration for artists, scientists, activists, and writers, who are invited to explore wide-ranging social and environmental issues and consider the construction of other possible worlds.

MAMA builds networks with funders, universities, festivals, art institutions, and local communities to sustain the ideas and processes of critical thinking in the framework of territorial struggles. About their present situation MAMA says, “we are currently on a journey to evaluate our processes, narratives, and ways of organizing in the coming years. The journey is uncertain, and this uncertainty encourages us to resist results-oriented productivity.”

Más Arte Más Acción evolved following years of community engagement led by the artist Fernando Arias and arts coordinator Jonathan Colin. This process led to the construction of the Chocó Base, designed by Atelier Van Lieshout and supported by Arts Collaboratory. MAMA’s core team includes the two founders as well as Alejandra Rojas. It has worked with the Goethe Institutes in Bogotá and São Paulo and participated in the São Paulo Biennial (2014), the New York Independent Film and Video Festival (2021), and ArtCop21 (2015) in Paris, among others.

lumbung Nuquí was a workshop organized by MAMA from November 29 to December 4, 2021 in Nuquí-Chocó. The gathering in Colombia allowed the participants of the projects, that are part of MAMA, to meet and share experiences for the first time. It revolved around the activities of MAMA that have been built with different organizations and groups over recent years. Under the titles Postcards from the Future, Possible dialogues, Atrato Collaborations, Unpostponable, and Chocó as a School (title in progress) these projects will be present during documenta fifteen in Kassel.

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