ook_visitor­Zentrum, Weserstraße 26

The Neue Brüderkirche was built in 1971; it is one of the most unusual sacred buildings of postwar modernism in Kassel. A spire was part of the original design, but it was cut to save money for developmental projects. Since 2012, the Neue Brüderkirche has served as a church for vespers.

During documenta fifteen, ook_ has collaboratively developed ook_visitorZentrum on Weserstrasse 26. ook_ consists of various groups of friends, which are also part of the artists still growing name: ook_ [reinaart vanhoe, Neue Brüderkirche, Espora, me_sobat, Colorlabor, graanschuur Tarwewijk, Elaine W. Ho, Bartira, Wok The Rock, COLLECTive, k. format, Take-A-Way, Plan B, Dynamitas unlimited …]. Here, the group offers workshops for other collectives and visitors. Many things can be produced here, from house altars to self-printed magazines.

Opening Hours

Daily from 10 am to 8 pm


Weserstraße 26, 34125 Kassel



This venue is completely wheelchair accessible. There is an elevator (110 x 140 cm) to all levels. The inner courtyard is at ground level.

Bathrooms and one barrier-free bathroom are located on the ground floor.

You can find a detailed map of the city of Kassel here (in German language). Selection in the topic layer “Themen-Layer”: Verkehr & Mobilität + Behindertenparkplätze

Lumbung Program on site

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