Chang En-Man

Chang En-Man currently works and lives in Taipei. Utilizing moving image, photography, installation, and creative forms of self-organizing and collective projects, Chang’s practice explores how the Indigenous people of Taiwan negotiate the ever-shifting socio-cultural terrains and conditions for survival in contemporary Taiwan against the backdrop of modernization and urbanization, rooted in her own experiences and heritage as a half-Indigenous person. With this as a point of departure, Chang excavates lost histories and narratives to explore the world at large, aiming to embody the transformative potential that art holds.

A black and white photo of the artist. She has a hood on and looks into the distance.

Portrait of Chang En-Man, still from Happy Mountain, video, dual channel, 18' 25", 2015, courtesy the artist

Chang has exhibited internationally, including Garden of Six Seasons, Para Site, Hong Kong (2020); Istanbul Biennial (2019); Cosmopolis #2: Repenser l’humain, Centre Pompidou, Paris (2019); Singapore Biennale (2019); Taiwan Biennial, Taichung (2018); As Heavy as a Feather, Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles (2017) / Centre A, Vancouver (2016); A Touch for the Now!, MONA Inner Spaces, Poznań (2016); These stories began before we arrived, Silo 6, Auckland (2015); unOfficial Pavilion of Taiwan’s video art, [.BOX] Videoart project space, Milan (2015); Taipei Biennial (2014); Snail Paradise mapping, Open Contemporary Art Center, Taipei (2013); and THAITAI: A Measure of Understanding, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (2012).

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Chang En-Man