LE 18

LE 18 is a multidisciplinary cultural and residency space established in 2013 and located in the medina of Marrakech. It aims to provide time and space for research, creation, encounter, mutual learning and the crosspollination of knowledge.

People sitting on a roof terrace and taking part in an artist workshop

LE 18, artists workhop, DHABAPHOTO 6, Marrakech, 2021, courtesy LE 18

The space has developed organically and through a collaborative, open ethos, (un)learning from and in dialogue with the various communities it works with, in an institutional practice based on horizontality and collaboration.

Through a fluid network of collaborators and various formats including exhibitions, residencies, conversations, workshops, and publications, LE 18 has become a collective learning platform, listening to, and critically tackling the multiple dynamics, processes, and infrastructures shaping the cultural, political, and economic lives of their local and trans-local ecosystem.

Currently, LE 18’s long-term research lines and platforms unfold a glossary of key terms encompassing and intersecting: photography and image-making in Morocco and the region; the politics and poetics of water and commoning; oral arts, cultures, and practices; processes of reactivation of collective memory, and participative archiving; food sovereignty, culinary cultures, and communal gardening; independent publishing, and processes conducive to collective making.



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LE 18