lumbung Land—Experimentations with land development models

Experimentation with sustainable economies is at the heart of documenta fifteen.

Various working groups by lumbung members and lumbung artists try out concrete practices in order to enable a collective arts economy that is anchored in the local and based on lumbung values. One of its aims is to contribute to the sustainability of artistic practices that are community led and not separated from ecology, education, or life in general.

The working group lumbung Land is a collaboration between lumbung members and lumbung artists INLAND, Jatiwangi art Factory, LE 18, La Intermundial Holobiente, MADEYOULOOK, Marwa Arsanios, Subversive Film, Serigrafistas queer, Wajukuu Art Project, and more.

Experimentations with land development models

Land is one of the most fundamental approaches to the lumbung Economy. It is a space where a community has agency, can govern resources collectively and build a lumbung value based economy and independent artistic practice.

Many lumbung members and lumbung artists are, however, confronted with issues such as land grabbing, climate injustice, or lack of resources to acquire land, which harms their sustainability and their autonomous artistic practices. Others work with land that is restituted and questions of how to recreate collective imaginary around land.

Beyond documenta fifteen

The working group lumbung Land continues to work after the end of the duration of documenta fifteen. The members meet in South Africa in November 2022 during a post documenta event organized by lumbung artist MADEYOULOOK to harvest the learnings during documenta fifteen and lay out the collaborations for the coming years. lumbung member Jatiwangi art Factory is organizing New Rural Agenda activities in September 2022 in Central Java, while INLAND is harvesting from the land it owns in the North of Spain.

You can find some specific examples of artistic projects on land in documenta fifteen here.



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