La Intermundial Holobiente

La Intermundial Holobiente is an interdisciplinary quartet formed by philosopher Paula Fleisner, visual artist Claudia Fontes, writer and translator Pablo Martín Ruiz, and a potential fourth member they want to attract. This potential fourth member, human or other-than-human, is what inspires their imagination and therefore the only one they consider to be irreplaceable in their project.

The letter 'D', composed of a river, a hummingbird tail and a toad face.

Letter ‛D’ inhabited by river, hummingbird tail and toad face, Holobiente encountered during the research for The Book of the Ten Thousand Things by La Intermundial Holobiente, 2021, photo: Claudia Fontes and Bernard G. Mills, courtesy of the river, the hummingbird, the toad, the sunlight and the camera lens

Paula, Claudia and Pablo grew up in Argentina. They propose a multi-angled conversation to imagine and give shape to a posthuman, non-anthropocentric world where anything and everything is taken into account. To this end, they are slowly creating a community of holobients by bringing together friends from networks and collectives they are part of.

Paula is a founding member of Colectiva Materia, a collective of three philosophers based in Argentina that explores the possibilities of a posthuman materialism. Paula is also part of Ni Una Menos, a feminist collective of activists from Argentina.

Pablo is a founding member of Outranspo (Ouvroir de translation potencial), a group of multilingual translators, writers, researchers and musicians who have been devoting themselves to creative approaches to translation since 2014.

Claudia initiated Trama, a program for the cooperation between artists, which was part of the RAIN network from 2000 to 2006. Since then she has been involved in and supported self-organization and DIY culture among the artists’ communities she has been part of.

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La Intermundial Holobiente