Sublunar nocturne by La Intermundial Holobiente

Location: Compost heap (Karlsaue)


lumbung artists La Intermundial Holobiente and Lucio Capece present Sublunar nocturne, a music performance in conversation with non-humans.

Invited guests

Lucio Capece
Nocturnal animals at the Theaterschlag


The audience meets at Heinrich-Heine-Straße/Universität tram stop at 8 pm. There will be a 15 minute walk through the park to the area where the concert takes place. After the concert, the walk back happens at night with guidance and flashlights. (In case you do not make it on time for the walk the performance, the location is at 51.2987004, 9.4933083 at Staatspark Karlsaue).

No registration needed.

Access: The grounds of the park consist of coarse to fine gravel and turf.


In the middle of the park, on the height Auedamm 27.
Coordinates: 7FXV+C5, 34121 Kassel



Location: Compost heap (Karlsaue)


live playing

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