Centre d’art Waza

Waza, which means “imagine” in Swahili, is an art center in Lubumbashi that develops exhibitions, publications, and other cultural productions for the emergence of grassroots experimental artistic practices and the promotion of alternative ways of knowledge sharing and consciousness raising.

A bird's eye view directly from above of an open air stage next to a building. The stage is framed by a white scaffolding. Two people are standing on the stage. In front of the stage red chairs, some empty, some with visitors.

Centre d’art Waza, poetry performance session at the Centre d’art Waza courtyard during the opening of its art education program Kazi 2.0, Lubumbashi, 2018, photo: Berry Numbi, courtesy Centre d’art Waza

Its recent projects explore various themes such as the restitution of African cultural heritage, the commons, art education, and emancipation from paternalistic organization of labor.



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Centre d’art Waza