Siwa plateforme - L'Economat at Redeyef

We, Siwa,
we chose to go to Redeyef.
The locals, they came to us.
Redeyef, a strange archive of forms,
of echoes from a time long passed.

The black and white photo shows from the side a donkey with a two-wheeled trailer, on which a man sits facing the camera. He carries on his head small square packages, which are fastened with cords. He looks skeptical, the donkey's head is turned backwards towards him. The nature in the background is a hilly stone desert.

A trip to Redeyef with Siwa, 2015, photo: Fakhri El Ghazal

In its poems, in its songs, in its dances,
the archaic in dialogue with the contemporary.
Here, our gestures meet theirs.
Their bodies, their voices, their rhythms
cross ours, generating a space
and a time where everything is to be reinvented.
From here we embark on the thread of a story.
Their story, our story.

We, Redeyef?




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Siwa plateforme - L'Economat at Redeyef