INLAND is a collaborative agency started in 2009 by Fernando García Dory. It provides a platform for diverse actors engaged in agricultural, social, and cultural production.

It is dark, only a light bulb hanging down in the middle is shining. People are sitting around it and looking into the center, where a large round cheese is lying under the light bulb. This is cut by the male person squatting in front of it. Among the people, a dog also looks excitedly at the action.

INLAND, 2019, Photo: INLAND

During its first stage (2010 – 2013) and taking Spain as an initial case study, INLAND was engaged with artistic production in twenty-two villages across the country, nationwide exhibitions and presentations, and an international conference. This was followed by a period of reflection and evaluation, launching study groups on art and ecology, and a series of publications. Today INLAND functions as a collective focused on land-based collaborations and economies, and communities-of-practice as a substrate for post-contemporary art and cultural forms.

INLAND has a radio station, an academy, produces shows, and makes cheese. It is also a consultant for the European Union Commission on the use of art for rural development policies, while promoting a European Shepherds’ Network, a social movement to question those same policies.

For documenta fifteen, INLAND and collaborators show the potential of agrarian economies. An installation presents INLAND’s current areas of interest and development: in-habitation and expanded landscapes, economy and collaboration, and composed knowledges and learning.

Both artwork and money form, cheesecoins (in limited numbers) are placed in circulation through networks of exchange with local producers and via the dairy-pavilion at the Ottoneum’s garden. The currency is also used as part of the design and launch of INLAND’s Eco-Social & Art Impact Bond (ESAIB) with Mi You and Vienne Chan.

INLAND is currently coordinating the Confederacy of Villages network and has exhibited and worked in the past with institutions such as the Istanbul Biennial (2015); Casco Art Institute, Utrecht (2015); Maebashi Museum (2016); Serpentine Gallery, London (2020); Casa do Povo, São Paulo; Centre Pompidou, Paris (2015); and SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin (2019).

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Invited participants

Miguel  “El Pajarito”
Sabina Aguilera
Rubén Alonso
Juan Casillas
Vienne Chan
Franz de Hamilton
Alvaro Fierro
Yona Friedman
Max Gmür
Eugénie Goldstern
Oscar Hagerman

Peter Hodgson
R. R. Hofmann
Manolo Hugué
Ugo La Pietra
Carl Lumholtz
Sofia Mariscal
Johann  Melchior Roos
You Mi
Fernando Moro

José Ortiz Echagüe
Jaakko Pallasvuo
Tom Philipson
Tito Rivas
Marth Sitánachi
Susana Velasco
Bedwyr Williams

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