HyperVigilant MASS Day 1 (Performance Night) by Party Office b2b Fadescha

Location: WH22 Basement

This party centers Trans and BIPoC individuals.


Bringing a closing to documenta fifteen lumbung artists Party Office b2b Fadescha hosts a two day mass of performances and DJ sets. They invite you to their HyperVigilant MASS performance night. Party Office invites some radical performance artists, whose work has had phenomenal influence on arts practice, agency of precarious bodies, pedagogy and philosophy that centers the South.

Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi, an activist and artist from Ghana showcases Ata-ku.

Pedra Costa, a Brazilian visual and urban anthropologist and performance artist, performs from her series de_colonisation part III: the bum bum cream.

Jyotsna Siddharth, an actor, writer, and organizer from New Delhi, performs Body as a Caste Field.

Invited Guests

Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi
Pêdra Costa
Jyotsna Siddharth


This party centers Trans and BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) people. We also invite women, and cis-white men who come along with their BIPoC friends who are willing to vouch for them.



Werner-Hilpert-Straße 22, 34117 Kassel



Location: WH22 Basement

This party centers Trans and BIPoC individuals.

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