Sada [regroup]

Sada was conceived twelve years ago as a series of virtual and physically convened education and production programs to support the work of art students living in Baghdad. Two global wars in Iraq and the entrenched, multinational militia and corporate rule that followed, created conditions for Iraqis and the world that have yet to be fully comprehended.

There is a person watching pictures on the computer. The picture says 'This is difficult because you know what the situation is like in Baghdad'.

Interview with Baghdad-based artist Sajjad Abbas sharing images of his work at a workshop organized by Sada in Iraq, 2012, courtesy Rijin Sahakian

Sada harnessed relational and digital networks that could be accessed by those who were creating through this transformative period of Iraq’s (and the world’s) conditions for living.

Artist-students involved in Sada have shifted over time and, in 2015, other shifts in political and personal arenas marked the end of Sada’s programs. For documenta, several members of Sada’s initial and ongoing formations will regroup to make work, explore nodes of support, and reconvene the pedagogical/conversational space of that project. Each artist will produce a short film to premiere at documenta fifteen. A feature length anthology film will include all of the works and be screened at and beyond the 100 days.

Participating artists are Sajjad Abbas, Bassim Al Shaker, Layth Kareem, Ali Eyal, Raed Mutar, and Sarah Munaf.

The project is produced by Rijin Sahakian, who founded Sada in 2010.



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Sada [regroup]