*foundationClass formed in 2016 at Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin (KHB) as an art educational platform and resistance toolkit designed to facilitate access to art academies for people who have immigrated to Germany and are affected by racism. *foundationClass embraces ongoing movements for transformation and resilience by evolving toward an environment that calls for sustainable patterns of assembly and solidarity.

In a mirror lying on a window are reflected a building, parts of a crow and a fence, blue sky and the initial letters of the collective name.

*foundationClass*collective, Berlin, 2021, photo: Mohamad Halbouni, courtesy the artists

The collective is a group of artists with different experiences who met through the educational platform *foundationClass at KHB and formed the *foundationClass*collective. The group is committed to working against the isolation faced in the art world because of its exclusion mechanisms. *foundationClass*collective is in a transformative space, constantly searching and learning about what a collective could be.

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