Spoken Word Poetry – Set 2: The Unknown Verses by *foundationClass*­collective

Location: Hafenstraße 76

Languages: English, Kikuyu, Kiswahili


Carolyn Amora Bosco from lumbung artist *foundationClass*collective introduces her poetry. About her work she says:

“Above and beyond self, I am a poet; spoken words march for my protests, hold picket signs, shout slogans, demand my rights; my words have been fighting, performing freedom for as long as they could speak. Words exist through me; we are muses embedded discernibly. I use my words as a medium of expression to empower, inspire and awaken raw creativity, and manifest our unknown strengths. In this performance, I will showcase poetry and my relationship with it, inviting you to practice listening as I guide you through the stream of your thoughts, into the depth of your imagination linking us through spoken words.”

Invited Guests

Amora C. Bosco


Hafenstraße 76, 34125 Kassel



Location: Hafenstraße 76

Languages: English, Kikuyu, Kiswahili


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