The Black Archives

The Black Archives is a historical archive with a unique collection of books, documents, and artifacts, which are the legacy of Black Dutch writers, scientists, and activists. It documents the history of Black emancipation movements and individuals in the Netherlands.

A section of a room from The Black Archives. There is a small table in the middle and shelves filled with books on the walls.

The Black Archives, collection of over 10.000 books and documents on colonialism, slavery, liberation and emancipation, Amsterdam, 2020, photo: The Black Archives

Currently, the archive consists of more than 10,000 historical books, documents, photographs, audiovisual material, and artifacts about the history of people of Surinamese or African descent in the Netherlands.

The collective aims to inspire conversations, activities, and literature from Black and other perspectives that are often overlooked elsewhere. The collections are intended as a starting point that can grow by donations and collaborations with others. In this way, Black literature, knowledge, and information is made accessible for study and research. Based on these collections, the collective members and larger ecosystem develop exhibitions, public programs, and other educational activities to share hidden and forgotten histories.



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The Black Archives