Meydan #3 Saturday

Location: Gloria-Kino, Sandershaus/Haferkakao­fabrik, Hübner areal

Ticket: No exhibition ticket needed

Languages: Arabic, English, German, Vietnamese

The three Meydan Weekends happen on July 8–10, August 12–14, and September 9–11, 2022.


The harvest festival kicks off during Meydan #3 (Friday, September 9–Sunday, September 11), taking place in Kassel as well as continuing beyond the exhibition dates  in the various localities of lumbung members and lumbung artists. This series will share and discuss artistic harvests of learnings from documenta fifteen and the local ekosistems of lumbung members and lumbung artists.

The Gloria-Kino shows the film and performance program After Cinema conceived by Azin Feizabadi for Meydan #3. lumbung member OFF-Biennale Budapest presents the RomaMoMA Street Festival on Sunday, September 11 from 2 pm to 10 pm in collaboration with Streetbolzer e.V. There will also be the opportunity to purchase products from the lumbung member and lumbung artists ekosistems at the lumbung Kios pop-up market.

Meydan as a word is used in Urdu, Fārsi, Ukrainian, Turkish, and Arabic to refer to a public area used for coming together, a square or a public park. It’s an accessible space for having assemblies to discuss, to dissent, or to celebrate.

The program is developed in collaboration with the Kassel ekosistem and facilitates various forms of social gathering. Meydan #3 is conceived in collaboration with Sandershaus and together with ZukunftsDorf 22.


Harvesting artists Victoria Lomasko, Abdul Dube, Putra Hidayatullah, Sebastián Díaz Morales with Simon Danang Anggoro, Arts Collaboratory, and Cem A., as well as lumbung working groups exhibit their harvests, that have been created so far in preparation for and during documenta fifteen, tell stories, and organize workshops to reflect on the learnings with the public.

Radio Alhara invites other radio collectives such as Cashmere Radio, Radio Raheem, and Radio Nopal for an evening program of conversations, live performances, and DJ sets.

Program at Sandershaus/ Haferkakaofabrik

5–9 pm
lumbung Kios pop up market 


3–4 pm
DJ set by Eigenklang
3.30–4.30 pm
Salon Musik aus dem Sandershaus
8.30–22 pm
DJ set by Irama Nusantara
10–11 pm
DJ Spilulu (lumbung artists Centre D’art Waza)


4–6 pm
RURUKIDS workshop with Alice Yard: RURUSTICKS
4.30–5.30 pm
Boung Soung: Dances and Songs for Peace and Prosperity by lumbung artists Sa Sa Art Projects
6.30–20.30 pm
Khmer noodle party and Khmer Rock and Roll band performance by lumbung artists Sa Sa Art Projects

Conference Room

2–5 pm
Zine workshop with harvester Abdul Dube

Salon and basement

7–8 pm
documenta fifteen Harvesters and the Artistic Team in Conversation
8–10 pm
Open Mic and storytelling by various lumbung harvesters and their invited guests
10–10.30 pm
Gladbeck City Bombing
10.30 pm–4 am
After Party with DJ Sets by Mr.Dulister and DCO


program organized by ZukunftsDorf22
12–3 pm
7001 Love Letters for Humanity with Johanna Afrodita Zuleta
10.30 pm–4 am
Eigenklang live recording session Dome + Projection Mapping by VJ Enki & Beatrixé

Program at Hübner areal

10 am–8 pm
lumbung Kios pop up market
2–5 pm
Ruang Kosmik with lumbung member Jatiwangi art Factory presents Timothy Morris, Ad Astra, Sven Melhorn, Friends Jam, Sinan Tekin, and Skinny Beak
6–8 pm
Ruang Kosmik with lumbung member Jatiwangi art Factory presents Mr. Speedfinger Art Ensemble
8–11 pm
Karaoke with lumbung member Gudskul         

Program at ruruHaus

10 am–8 pm
lumbung Kios pop up market

Program at Gloria-Kino

7.30 pm lumbung Film: After Cinema

The film program includes six fictional, documentary, poetic, essayistic, and experimental short films from the lumbung Film archive. Following the screening (the program will be repeated Friday through Sunday), varying performances will be presented.

Language: Arabic and Vietnamese with English subtitles, total 93 min.

  • I Feel Nothing (8 min.) by Jumana Emil Abboud, UK, 2012
  • Leafcutter (27 min.) by Liam Morgan, Taiwan/Canada, 2022
  • Blindness of Love (2 min.) by Yazan Khalili, Palestine, 2013
  • Eleven Men (28 min.) by Nguyen Trinh Thi, Vietnam, 2018
  • Ensaio Ilú Obá de Min (2 min.) by Graziela Kunsch, Brazil, 2015
  • Have You Ever Killed a Bear? or Becoming Jamila (25 min.) by Marwa Arsanios, Lebanon, 2014

After Cinema: Bodies of Water: Sound performance by Cat Woywod (30 min.)

More information on the film program


Ad Astra started rapping at a young age. His early youth into old age was affected by violence and racism. A Zen dojo taught him life lessons through intense meditation practice. After his training to be a yoga teacher, he met shamans through whom he met Mother Ayahuasca. Since then he tries to spread peace and love on earth through his texts and through his actions.

Eigenklang is an audio-visual performance collective, setting up their spaceship to explore the unlimited possibilities of improvised and interactive live production. Eigenklang was founded in 2017 with the eponymous installation and with the goal to organize interactive happenings which allow visitors to not only consume art but participate in it. The artists work with visual installations, inclusive, art and media-based education and professional (360°) audio and video production. Interaction and improvisation are at the core of their artistic practice.

Irama Nusantara (“The Rhythm of Archipelago”) is a non-profit foundation that aims to digitally archive Indonesian popular music. It was founded in 2013 by the seven music enthusiasts David Tarigan, Alvin Yunata, Norman Rumahorbo, Dian Onno, Toma Avianda, Christoforus Priyonugroho, and Mayumi Haryoto. Their work is based on an awareness that it is important for the public to recognize and understand Indonesian popular music as part of the nation’s identity. But in reality, Indonesian people have difficulty in getting references to popular Indonesian songs, especially old songs, which are the origins of Indonesian popular music. After nine years, Irama Nusantara has digitized about 6,000 records and made them accessible through their website www.iramanusantara.org. Apart from these archiving efforts, Irama Nusantara aims to develop other many projects, such as spreading good music on the dance floor, print a book, release tribute records, and others that will be carried out in the future.

Mr.Speedfinger Art Ensemble
Till Timm a.k.a. Mr. Speedfinger  has been playing the guitar in several bands since he was sixteen.  Together with “King” Arish Ahmad Khan he formed King Khan And The Shrines in 1999. The band has been touring Europe, the USA, and Australia since. Till Timm also owns Mutter-Bar in Kassel-Nordstadt. His musical performance at documenta fifteen will be a two hour improvisation in the spirit of famous Krautrock bands like Neu! or Can.

Salon Musik aus dem Sanderhaus convey an impression of the traditional music of the Middle East. Singer and oud player of the short-necked lute is Sami Mustafa. Mohmad Khalil plays the electric saz, the long-necked lute, and sings, while Ahmed Kittan plays the darbuka, an Arabic drum. Syrian Hani plays the keyboard and Oliver Leuer, who founded the band five years ago with people he met in a refugee camp in Bettenhausen, plays the drums.

Skinny Beak combines the Raccoon City original emo babe, gamergirl and Certified 420 Mega-Zonked Hotwife in one person. Both Rule-Breakerz and Undercover Soccer Moms get their money’s worth.

Spilulu formerly known as G’Sparks is a congolese Sound engineer, beatmaker, composer, producer, and DJ, pioneer of mergers between Tribal African Villages Sounds with house Music, techno, zouk and rap creating a very unique Afrobeat Sound. He also created a dynamic around Afro-house music and afro-beat in the Republic Democratc of Congo from the landscape of Lubumbashi to Kinshasa and was formerly fully trained in the dance Ndombolo.

Sven Melhorn is a singer and songwriter who grew up in a small village in south Germany. He thinks a lot about the beauty of nature and how every experience is just temporary. Inspired by folk and jazz, he tries to capture these feelings in his songs.

Timothi Morris
With the album Geschichten aus der Stadt (Stories from the City), released last year on CD and cassette, Timothi Morris shows his view of life. From quiet and melancholic to critical and angry, all facets of inner life are represented. Morris is a two-time winner of the Heilbronn Rap Slam.


Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 3, 34117 Kassel


Sandershäuser Str. 79, 34123 Kassel


Agathofstraße 15, 34123 Kassel



Location: Gloria-Kino, Sandershaus/Haferkakao­fabrik, Hübner areal

Languages: Arabic, English, German, Vietnamese

The three Meydan Weekends happen on July 8–10, August 12–14, and September 9–11, 2022.

Ticket: No exhibition ticket needed



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