Harvesters and harvesting practice at documenta fifteen

Harvest refers to artistic recordings of discussions and meetings.

On the left under the word documenting a diagram with empty rectangles and on the right under harvesting a branching that looks like a tree or a brain.
documenting vs harvesting, Harvest by Cem A., 2022

Harvesters listen, reflect, and depict this process from their own perspectives, forms, and artistic practices. Harvests can be humorous, poetic, or candid. They can take the shape of a Post-It note, a written story, drawing, film, sound piece, or meme.

The process of the making of lumbung where members share resources together is an integral part of documenta fifteen. Harvesting can be seen as a way of collective writing that enables continuous collective learning, from different sensory experiences. Harvests are made to share what is being discussed with absent members and the general public and they are present throughout the handbook, the exhibition – amongst others at ruruHaus, Fridericianum, Grimmwelt Kassel, and Hübner areal – as well as in public space to illustrate and expand the thinking and methodologies within documenta fifteen. They are also published in books, zines, on social media, and on the lumbung’s digital publishing platform lumbung.space.

Due to the nature of harvesting, it is difficult to come up with a complete list of all individuals who contributed to lumbung with their harvests. The following highlighted practitioners were invited by ruangrupa and the Artistic Team especially to harvest their meetings. The list of harvesters includes many others, from lumbung members and artists who were harvesting their meetings, to the Artistic Team, sobat-sobat, and visitors who are invited to contribute to the rice barn with their harvests during the 100 days of the exhibition.

Abdul Dube and Putra Hidayatullah have been invited to accompany the artistic team, lumbung inter-lokal and majelises since the beginning. They harvested through graphic recordings and creative writing, respectively.

Having followed and been part of ruangrupa’s practice since the early 2000s, Sebastián Diaz Morales and Simon Danang Anggoro collaborate to produce artistic work that can be seen as harvest. Nonkrong is used as a method for creating films. The films can be seen in several locations of the exhibition and will continue after documenta fifteen.

Victoria Lomasko has been invited to harvest the making of the exhibition with an illustrated book. The book harvests her witnessing the practice and ekosistem of lumbung members and artists while the exhibition is opening.

Cem A. is known for running the art meme account @freeze_magazine and he works as a curatorial assistant for documenta fifteen. He has been invited to harvest his experiences working for documenta fifteen through internet memes and situated memes.

There are several lumbung artists for whom harvesting is an integral part of their practice and thus have been very active in harvesting meetings. reinaart vanhoe has harvested and (self-)published his note-drawings. Arts Collaboratory has published several documentamtam, and keeps on doing so during the 100 days. documentamtam includes harvests from Arts Collaboratory members, as well as the work of other harvesters. documentamtam can be read at www.artscollaboratory.org. Other artists who have harvested include Safdar Ahmed, Nino Bulling, Keleketla! Library and Dan Perjovschi.

Radio Alhara, Tropical Tap Water and Community Immunity have accompanied several majelis akbar and working groups and made audio and visual harvesting out of it, as well as a glossary of terms.

Sheree Domingo, Tupac, and Melani Budianta have also contributed generously with their harvests, as well as many others who will join the process of documenta fifteen.


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