Erick Beltrán

The work of Erick Beltrán is an investigation on the concept of edition. It focuses on the mechanisms that define, value, classify, reproduce, and distribute images and discourses to create social, cultural, political, and economic conducts and values in contemporary societies.

An emblematic drawing from the 16th century in black and white shows an elderly, confused man with a nest and a bird on his head, trying to ward off flying insects with a broom.

Outis Niemand, in Hans Weiditz and Ulrich von Hutten, Outis Nemo, Augsburg 1518

Beltrán analyzes and reflects on transversal knowledge constructions and figures, through diverse formats such as publications, installations, diagrammatic displays, or lectures.
Recent projects and publications include The Image of Power (2019–ongoing), Superposition (2020), The Double of Thousand Faces (2016), Game Piece (with Bernardo Ortiz) (2013–15), Modelling Standard (with Jorge Satorre) (2010–14), The World Explained (2008–11), Ergo Sum (2007), and Nothing but the Truth (2002–20), among others.

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Erick Beltrán