A stroll through Kassel


Route: ook_visitorZentrum, Weserstraße 26, Nordstadtpark, cult pub Mutter, café Desasta, bakery Karagöz Bäckerei, Ahmads Gemüse Kebab, Trafohaus

Distance / Duration: approx. 3.5 km / 45 min. (without a stop at the exhibition sites)

Short Description

This walk takes you to the Nordstadt, a district whose image is still today marked by the constant juxtaposition of commercial areas and manufacturing sites on the one hand and residential quarters from the most diverse epochs on the other. From the Neue Brüderkirche (New Brethren Church) on Weserstrasse, the route leads past the university campus to Nordstadtpark, a park inviting visitors to barbecue, sunbathe, and relax in fine weather. Among others the route continues past volunteer-run Café Desasta to Trafohaus.


Partially wheelchair accessible, incline at Ysenburgstraße, Nordstadtpark is wheelchair accessible, Mutter has steps and is not wheelchair accessible.

For comprehensive descriptions of the accessibility of individual exhibition venues, please refer to the detailed pages of the exhibition venues.

Route Map View

Start: ook_visitorZentrum, Weserstraße 26, 34125 Kassel, Germany
Directions: Public transport: Tram 3, 6, 7 / to stop “Katzensprung/ Universität”

documenta fifteen: Nordstadt Walk, Kassel, 2022 © documenta fifteen


Stop 1: ook_visitorZentrum, Weserstraße 26

The photo shows the facade of Neue Brüderkirche in the simple style of the post-war period. In front of it a concrete courtyard with a tree, a few benches and bicycles.

ook_visitorZentrum, Weserstraße 26, Kassel, 2022, Photo: Nicolas Wefers

Built in 1971 the Neue Brüderkirche is one of Kassel’s most unusual religious buildings of the post-war modern era. The design originally also included a steeple; however, it was never built so the money could go to fund development projects instead. Since 2012, the Neue Brüderkirche has served as a church for vespers. During documenta fifteen, its affiliated community center will host the collective ook_ [reinaart vanhoe, Neue Brüderkirche, Espora, me_ sobat, Colorlabor, graanschuur Tarwewijk, Elaine W. Ho, Bartira, Wok The Rock, COLLECTive, k. format, Take-A-Way, Plan B, Dynamitas unlimited …]. It will offer workshops for other collectives and visitors here.

Route: Head past the exhibition venue ook_visitorZentrum, Weserstraße 26 towards the “Weserspitze” stop, turn left along Ysenburgstraße, which leads into Moritzstraße, towards the university campus and Nordstadtpark. Turn right into Liebigstraße towards Kassel’s famous Hall of Fame until you reach Nordstadtpark.

Stop 2: Nordstadtpark

The photo shows the Nordstadtpark. Trees are standing on a green lawn. In the middle you can see a paved square with two pillars made of bricks.

Nordstadtpark, Kassel, 2022, Photo: Nicolas Wefers

Kassel is almost more park than city. Nordstadtpark is located in Kassel’s Nordstadt district on the Fulda tributary Ahne in the immediate vicinity of the university campus and the Schlachthof cultural center. Nordstadtpark is especially known for its free open-air music festivals.

Exhibiting lumbung artists:

Tip: 2 min. from Nordstadtpark towards the northwest is the cult pub Mutter at Bunsenstraße 15. Punk rock, Mexican and beer for €1.50 invite you to drop by here from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 / 10 pm.

Route: From Mutter, the path takes you back downstream to Nordstadtpark and from there via Mombachstraße past the Schlachthof Kulturzentrum to Gottschalkstraße, which is home to several cafés on the way into the city center as well as several kiosks. At the end of the street on the university campus is the volunteer-run café Desasta at Arnold-Bode-Straße 6 – opposite a DIY cycle workshop it offers not only a lovely café but also publicly accessible, barrier-free toilets.

Passing the commemorative stumbling stone dedicated to Frieda Gewerter (who lived at Moritzstraße 13 at the corner of Moritzstraße and Henschelstraße), Henschelstraße takes you towards tram stop “Holländischer Platz” further along Untere Königsstraße (Stern) – with its eateries offering many Arabic specialties – to the city center. Once you reach the end of Stern, Kurt-Schumacher-Straße takes you straight to the Trafohaus, located on the left-hand side.

Tip: Food tips at Stern, Untere Königsstraße 72-74: Karagöz Bäckerei, Ahmad’s Gemüse Kebab.

Stop 3: Trafohaus

A small white kiosk-like building, in front of it a staircase. In the background you can see a meadow and trees.

Trafohaus, Kassel, 2022, Photo: Nicolas Wefers

What the Trafohaus (Transformer Station) on Lutherplatz once did is now done by a small box next to it: transforming electricity. The white building lies between districts; it has been used as a kiosk, a telephone booth, and a post office. Since the early 1990s, it has also hosted exhibitions.

Exhibiting lumbung artists:
Route back to the city center: From Trafohaus it is a 10 min. walk back to ruruHaus. Head east on Lutherstraße and turn right into Mauerstraße, after 170 m turn left into Poststraße and then turn right crossing Königsplatz to ruruHaus.

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