lumbung Press and lumbung of Publishers—Independent publishing projects of the lumbung network

lumbung Press and lumbung of Publishers both emerged as a response to the question of how the lumbung can make publications and share them in an independent and sustainable manner.

A steel shelf on which many flyers are displayed and a poster with green drawings of a table with a glass and some notebooks.
documenta fifteen: lumbung of Publishers with Rotopol and friends, Comics Reading,Reading / Gathering, ruruHaus (Reno), Kassel, July 9, 2022, photo: Nicolas Wefers

lumbung members, lumbung artists and the Artistic Team of documenta fifteen have been meeting for two years in mini-majelis and majelis akbar (small and big assemblies) to build trust, share resources, and develop projects that address common concerns. They have built long-term collaborations for documenta fifteen and beyond.

Independent publishing is a shared topic for many in the lumbung community. How can the content created by lumbung members, artists, and their ecosystems be published in ways that reflect their practices and shared among themselves, their ecosystems, and the wider public? This is especially urgent as freedom of expression becomes increasingly restricted worldwide. There is little access to publishing infrastructure in many contexts, and it is often difficult for lumbung members and artists to get hold of books and texts from their peers in other parts of the world.

lumbung Press

The collectively run lumbung Press (installed at documenta Halle during documenta fifteen) shows how to print books and other materials and offers self-publishing resources during and beyond the 100 days of the exhibition. More

lumbung of Publishers

lumbung of Publishers builds a distribution circuit and collaborations between independent publishers around the world. More

Confirmed publishers

La Impresora, Puerto Rico; Bananafish Books, China; consonni, Basque Country; Cooperativa Cráter Invertido, Mexico; Erick Beltrán, Spain and Mexico; HAMBRE, Chile; Jalada, Kenya; Kayfa ta, Egypt; kuš!, Latvia; Kutikuti, Finland; Marjin Kiri, Indonesia; microutopías press, Uruguay; Nieves, Switzerland; Relampago, Colombia; Rotopol Press, Germany; Strapazin, Switzerland; Stripburger, Slovenia; David Kaiza, Kenya; N’fana Diakite, Mali; Reading Room, China

documenta fifteen: lumbung of Publishers, Harvest by Daniela and Camila from HAMBRE, 2022



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