lumbung of Publishers

Within the cultural sphere, independent publishers and publishing collectives are particularly dependent on solidarity and the sharing of resources to survive. During documenta fifteen, lumbung of Publishers offers independent publishers the possibility to get to know each other and to share knowledge. The goal is to create a network that exists beyond the 100-day duration of documenta fifteen.

For lumbung of Publishers, ruangrupa and the Artistic Team invite 20 independent publishers to Kassel.

documenta fifteen: lumbung of Publishers, Harvest by Daniela and Camila from HAMBRE, 2022

Among the invited publishers are the publishing collective consonni from Bilbao, the graphic experimentation workshop La Impresora from Puerto Rico, Ljubljana-based Stripburger, Rotopol from Kassel, and many more.

Two stakeholders from each publishing house travel to Kassel to first participate in a two-day internal workshop. During the first Meydan weekend, from Friday, July 8 until Sunday, July 10, 2022, the publishers design a three-day public program, with presentations, workshops, and lectures. lumbung of Publishers offers visitors of documenta fifteen the possibility to get to know the independent publishers and their programs from different countries and to gain an insight into their survival strategies.

The participating publishers and collectives showcase their publications and produce new ones on the spot. This happens in collaboration with lumbung Press, which is a collective project of lumbung members and lumbung artists for flexible and process-oriented production of print products on site in Kassel.

lumbung Press is a partner project between documenta fifteen and Kunsthaus Göttingen.

lumbung of Publishers collaborators are currently:

  • Abdul Halik Azeez
  • Bananafish Books
  • BOLOHO (lumbung artists)
  • consonni
  • Cooperativa Cráter Invertido
  • David Kaiza
  • Erick Beltrán (lumbung artist)
  • Jalada
  • Kayfa ta
  • kuš!
  • Kutikuti
  • La Impresora
  • Marjin Kiri
  • microutopías press
  • N’fana Diakite
  • Nieves
  • Reading Room
  • Relampago
  • Rotopol Press
  • Strapazin
  • Stripburger

documenta fifteen: lumbung of Publishers, screenshot during a meeting, 2022

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