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lumbung Gallery

lumbung Gallery takes the practice of lumbung as a network and the economic model at documenta fifteen as a starting point to create a collectively governed, non speculative, and regenerative gallery model.
The longer term aim is to rethink ownership, collecting, exhibiting, and authorship in the frame of the gallery.

documenta fifteen: lumbung gallery, Harvest von Dan Perjovschi, 2022

Using the parameters of existing art economies it aims to “transvest” resources towards a more commons based economy following the lumbung values. lumbung Gallery is also considered a tool and learning program enabling similar initiatives around the globe.

During and after the 100 days of documenta fifteen, many artworks by the lumbung members and lumbung artists can be supported front stage in Kassel at ruruHaus and online. The gallery space during documenta is documenta itself. The gallery is guided by the practice and the values of lumbung.

The pricing of the artworks will be based on the collective’s basic needs and the artists’ basic income in addition to production costs and other material condition variables rather than speculative market prices. There will also be non-monetary exchange, as well as affordable artworks.

documenta fifteen: lumbung gallery, Harvest einer Working Group Diskussion von Dan Perjovschi, 2022

The non profit art platform TheArtists was invited to collaborate with the lumbung Gallery working group on developing and managing the lumbung Gallery. TheArtists support artists by exhibiting their work, coaching, mentoring, giving legal advice, and selling while maintaining transparency. Additionally, artworks will be available for viewing on the online platform of the lumbung Gallery in collaboration with TheArtists.

Governed by the lumbung Gallery working group and TheArtists, lumbung Gallery is registered as a “Verein” and is planned to continue existing beyond documenta fifteen.

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