lumbung Indonesia

lumbung Indonesia is a platform for Indonesian art collectives practicing lumbung.

The ideas and values of the lumbung practice are realized in three networks: lumbung-interlokal, Kassel ekosistem and lumbung Indonesia.

It was established in 2021 by twelve collectives in Jakarta from a context where the supporting structures for contemporary art are far from ideal: They lack access to funds and the so-called “global” contemporary art circuits. With their programs they strive to build up cultural powerhouses in their localities. They experiment with new artistic economic models not only to improve the working conditions in the field of art, but ways of living. Therefore, the artistic practice of lumbung Indonesia is focused on activism and imagination in the fields of space, economy, education, and ecology.

lumbung Kassel, lumbung inter-lokal, lumbung Indonesia, drawing by Indra Ameng, Kassel, 2022

While the Kassel ekosistem and lumbung inter-lokal were created in the context of documenta fifteen, lumbung Indonesia developed differently: Its roots reach back to the research initiative FIXER which already started in 2010.

FIXER gathers and archives knowledge about the operating models and sustainability strategies of art collectives in Indonesia. Its research leads to publications, exhibitions, and discussions. Today it is driven by lumbung member Gudskul, an educational knowledge-sharing platform by the Jakarta-based collectives ruangrupa, Serrum, and Grafis Huru Hara.

The publication Articulating Fixer 2021. An Appraisal of Indonesian Art Collectives in the Last Decade in English is available in Kassel during documenta fifteen for purchase at lumbung Kios at ruruHaus, WIKULLiL at Lemon House, Rotopol, Sandershaus, and also for free download and common use at

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