lumbung members

The ideas and values of documenta fifteen’s lumbung practice are realized in three networks: lumbung inter-lokalKassel ekosistem and lumbung Indonesia. While lumbung inter-lokal networks worldwide, Kassel ekosistem and lumbung Indonesia are anchored in their respective locations. Their common goal is to achieve lasting platforms for sustainable action that exist beyond documenta fifteen.

lumbung inter-lokal refers to the international network of the 14 lumbung members of documenta fifteen. The term inter-lokal describes the interweaving of their local practices as well as their international distribution through the network. ruangrupa and the Artistic Team have invited collectives, organizations and initiatives that share the values of lumbung through their inspiring methods, their deep artistic roots in local social structures, and their experimental organizational and economic approaches.

lumbung inter-lokal of documenta fifteen counts 14 lumbung members:

lumbung members, 2021, Photo: ruangrupa

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