Opening of Weekend Trampoline House

On January 28, 2022, the refugee justice community center Trampoline House in Copenhagen re-opened in a smaller version under the name Weekend Trampoline House.

A white and red logo, like a crooked house, inside it says 'Trampoline House'.
Weekend Trampoline House, Trampoline House, 2022

Since 2010, the lumbung member Trampoline House has brought together displaced people as well as Danish citizens and international residents, united by a desire to ensure a just and fair inclusion of refugees.

Due to lack of funding, the House had to close permanently at the end of 2020. The re-opening as Weekend Trampoline House creates the possibility to continue with their work for a more humane refugee policy and to resume their most popular activities. The new house is located in the Apostle Church’s parish house in Vesterbro in Copenhagen and is volunteer-run.

You can find more information on their activities and the program on Trampoline House’s Website.


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