June Asphalt issue: Questions and answers with ruangrupa

The regional street magazine Asphalt has been a partner of documenta fifteen since October 2021. Since then, a jointly conceived article has been published monthly.

The cover shows drawing of a rice barn from which a male bungee jumps towards the inscription documenta fifteen.
Asphalt cover with Harvest by Abdul Dube, Asphalt 06/22, 2022

For the June issue, questions were posed by Asphalt readers to ruangrupa and the Artistic Team of documenta fifteen. The twelve questions were answered exclusively for Asphalt, whether in text, pictures or as a collage. Additionaly, you can find an insight into the first events in June.

The current issue of Asphalt is now available on the streets of Kassel, Göttingen, and Hanover.
Digital and mail order copies can be purchased by sending an e-mail to vertrieb@asphalt-magazin.de.


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