East Kassel

Urban Parcours

A Landscape is a project by MAP (Markus Ambach Projekte) invited by lumbung member ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics. In this framework MAP developed an urban trail leading visitors to protagonists and initiatives of local knowledge in the east of Kassel.

Distance / Duration: approx. 3 km / 40 min.

Their projects and interventions—for example the monument to Lucius Burckhardt or the allotment garden museum—can be found on a short walk along a trail marked in blue from the river Fulda to Bettenhausen. The tour starts at the boat rental Bootsverleih Ahoi. Alternatively, those wishing to refuel with the documenta dish “Zatar” at the Syrian snack bar next to Hallenbad Ost can join the walk at Al Wali.

Route Map View

A Landscape by MAP, invited by ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics, Kassel, 2022

In the age of globalization, local knowledge is increasingly moving into focus. As a counter-perspective to the universality of global markets, the protagonists of local knowledge are trying to establish an experience-based, site-specific, and context-related practice of working and living in direct interaction with their respective environments, a practice that results directly from people’s actions. They seek to initiate new collaborative ways of sharing and passing on knowledge and to network with one another from place to place. Along the walking route, examples of such projects that strengthen local knowledge can be discovered.

MAP was founded in 2002 as an independent platform to implement context-related and interdisciplinary projects within public urban and social spaces. Together with local stakeholders, artists, and other active members of urban society, MAP projects question the interaction between local communities, cultural practices, and political spaces.

The A Landscape project is a collaboration between MAP and Al Wali, Blüchergarten, Braumanufaktur Steckenpferd, Essbare Stadt, GemüseSelbstErnte am Waldauer Fußweg, KGV Schwanenwiese, Meister Florian, Mike Euler, MiLa Unterneustadt, René Tribble, SOLAWI Gärtnerei Fuldaaue, Rene Wagner, and ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics.

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