Skate to Milk – kick-off for the project by lumbung artist Baan Noorg

Starting on February 15 until September 1, 2022, used skateboards can be donated for the artistic contribution of Baan Noorg Collaborative Arts and Culture at two locations in Kassel, Germany.

The launch event of Skate to Milk: Baan Noorg to documenta fifteen takes place on February 12, 2022 in Nong Pho, Thailand. The event is the starting point for the artistic contribution of lumbung artist Baan Noorg at documenta fifteen in Kassel.

For this day, the collective invites skateboarders to come together to point out the importance of local milk production. The young people skate to live music and try their hand at building their own skateboards. They will also ride together to the dairy farms of Nong Pho. In addition, dairy products are tasted.

The project, for the artists, is about connecting the history of their home with modern youth culture. Due to falling food prices for rice, Nong Pho had to switch from rice cultivation as the main source of income to dairy cow farming in 1968. Today, many small farms in Nong Pho still keep cows from the family heritage, although they can no longer make a living from selling milk. According to Baan Noorg, this is partly because they lack the land, knowledge, practices, and resources to operate efficiently enough. Questions about how to save these small farms and how to transition to a new kind of agriculture drive the Baan Noorg collective.

Call for skateboard donation:

Starting on February 15 until September 1, 2022, used skateboards can be donated at two locations in Kassel, namely Titus store and skatehall Mr. Wilson. It’s also possible to bring broken or only parts of skateboards. These will be sent to Thailand in September and form another link between Kassel and Nong Pho. Working skateboards‘ parts will be reassembled with DIY decks and given to children from the local community, in addition the boards will help fundraising to run the local skateboard program. This program continues after documenta fifteen.

Supported by the Goethe-Institut Thailand. In cooperation with NPKD Social Enterprise, Mr. Wilson Skatehalle, Titus, R-Surfskate, and Crazy Town.


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