In the ruruHaus window: lumbung member Trampoline House

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Currently on view in the ruruHaus window: An Alternative to the Asylum System by Trampoline House, lumbung member from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Trampoline House is a community facility for refugees, asylum seekers, and other citizens in Copenhagen and was founded in 2010 by a group of artists, activists, and asylum seekers as a counter-project to Danish immigration and asylum policies. Though it had to close in its existing form due to lack of funding in December 2020, Trampoline House will remain part of the lumbung network.

Video: Trampoline House, An Alternative to the Asylum System, 8:37 Min., 2019, Courtesy: Trampoline House

You can find more videos on Vimeo and the website of Trampoline House.

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