Practitheorizing Counter­institutions by The Question of Funding, OFF-Biennale Budapest

Location: WH22 AKA, ground floor

Languages: English


The workshop Practitheorizing Counterinstitutions is organized by IMAGINART in collaboration with lumbung members The Question of Funding and OFF-Biennale Budapest.

In this collective thought exercise, IMAGINART takes lumbung in the form it is practiced at documenta fifteen as a starting point for reflecting on how institutions are being re-imagined in different parts of the world. Practitheorizing Counterinstitutions invites speakers to alternate between the roles of storyteller, theoretician, and harvester and shift between modes of engagement. The workshop acknowledges that practice is produced and reflected upon at the same time, and that theory emerges from and exists in collective practice. By combining practice with theory and reframing the latter as compost to fertilize crops from which to harvest institutional imaginaries, IMAGINART seeks to create the conditions for re-thinking the (im-)possible institutions they want to inhabit.

Practitheorizing Counterinstitutions is the companion to the event What kind of we could we be? Collective thinking by collectives on September 11, organized by Asia Forum X Worlding Public Cultures.

Organizers of the IMAGINART workshop: Chiara De Cesari, Andrea Elera, Erick Fowler, Nuraini Juliastuti, Yazan Khalili, Abdulkerim Pusat, Aria Spinelli, Eszter Szakács, Carine Zaayman

IMAGINART: Imagining Institutions Otherwise: Art, Politics, and State Transformation is a research project at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam and is funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO).

See the detailed program of Practitheorizing Counterinstitutions here.

Invited guests

Melani Budianta
Ilenia Caleo
Quinsy Gario
Paul Goodwin
Annie Jael Kwan
Lara Khaldi
Jeroen de Kloet
Wayne Modest
Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes
farid rakun (ruangrupa)
Ann Stoler
Deborah Thomas
Ming Tiampo
Wet Hole Group (Nikita Kadan, Bogdana Kosmina, Alina Kleytman)
Mi You


AKA, ground floor

Werner-Hilpert-Straße 22, 34117 Kassel



Location: WH22 AKA, ground floor

Languages: English


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