Meydan #2 Saturday

Location: Nordstadtpark, Gloria-Kino Kulturzentrum Schlachthof & Boreal

Ticket: No exhibition ticket needed

The three Meydan Weekends happen on July 8–10, August 12–14, and September 9–11, 2022.

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From August 12 to 14, 2022, Meydan #2, in cooperation with the Kulturzentrum Schlachthof Kassel, offers a music program, a flea market, a program by lumbung film, conversations, and workshops. Meydan #2 also includes gatherings with Composting Knowledge, an ongoing experimental network for knowledge production, initiated by ruruHaus in Kassel.

As part of Meydan, the grand opening of the 24th Kasseler Weltmusikfestival takes place at Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, Boreal, and Nordstadtpark.

Meydan in Urdu, Fārsi, Ukrainian, Turkish and Arabic refers to an accessible common space in a city, such as a square or public park, where people come together. It’s an accessible space for having assemblies to discuss, to dissent, and to celebrate.

Program in Nordstadtpark

2–4 pm
Painting for RURUKIDS
5–6 pm
Light in Babylon 
6–7 pm
Yuriy Gurzhy  
7–8 pm
Nina Ogot
8–9 pm
Yuriy Gurzhy  
9–10 pm

Program at Boreal

2–4 pm
Composting Knowledge workshop

Program at Kulturzentrum Schlachthof

3–6 pm
Alvozay presents a DJ workshop
4–6 pm
Lou Drago: Fragments for Affinity
Room 4 Resistance presents Fragments for Affinity, a “listening-occasion” by multi-disciplinary artist Lou Drago.
10.30 pm4 am
A night hosted by Alvozay with Douniah, Helina, Meron, NAS TEA, and Tmnit Ghide (a.k.a. T.Total)

Program at Gloria-Kino

lumbung Film: GDR International #2 at Gloria-Kino

Responding to the remarkable presence of archives as residues of parallel histories and networks of solidarity at documenta fifteen, GDR International reflects on how the internationalist agenda of Socialist East Germany (German Democratic Republic) affected the country’s film production and film politics.

7–10 pm
  • In the Year of the Pig, dir. Emile de Antonio, USA 1968, 104 min, DCP, original version
More information on the film program


Light in Babylon—Praised by fRoots Magazine as “A celebration of the cosmopolitan traditions of both Istanbul and the Sephardic Jewish community and another example of the great music that is coming out of the Eastern Mediterranean right now”, Light in Babylon brought to the world scene their first official album Life sometimes doesn’t give you space in 2012. In November 2016 they released their second album Yeni Dunya, whose title means “new world” in Turkish.

Yuriy Gurzhy was born in Ukraine and lives in Berlin. He is a musician, DJ, producer, and radio presenter. Together with the German-Jewish writer Vladimir Kaminer, he initiated the legendary party series Russendisko and released five mixtapes. From 2000 to 2006 Gurzhy curated the music program Russendisko Klub for Radio MultiKulti in Berlin. He released his albums Shtetl Superstars and Revolution Disco in 2006 and 2010, respectively. In addition to this activity, Gurzhy is active as a singer and guitarist with his band RotFront. Together with Lemez Lovas, he founded the Shtetl Superstars. In January 2016, Gurzhy initiated the Berlin party series Born In UA, which focuses on Ukrainian music.

Nina Ogot is a singer and guitarist from Nairobi. Writing her own songs, she takes her cues from Kenyan idols like Daudi Kabaka and Joseph Ngala. Benga hooks, groovy percussion, rich horn sections and vocal harmonies characterize her band’s powerful style.

Ebow is a young rapper who released her fourth studio album this March, entitled Canê – a Kurdish word for darling or soul. Born in Munich and living in Vienna, this musician of Kurdish origin writes her political songs herself and raps in German against racism, cultural appropriation, and sexism.

Lou Drago is a Berlin-based multi-disciplinary artist who weaves connections between anti-racist-queer-feminisms, meditation, the healing potential of sound, and the necessity for complexity, collectivity and connectivity during neoliberal times. Drago is the curator and host of Transience, a bi-monthly show on Cashmere Radio.

Initially conceived as a classic label, musician Ebru Düzgün and cultural worker and DJ Tmnit Ghide  founded the creative agency Alvozay in 2020. Their goal is to create structures for BIPOC artists in the music industry. In so doing, both also seek to enable social connections with the help of digital networks. In September 2020 they debuted their music festival. Alvozay is the label of rapper Ebow who is also appearing at the Meydan weekend.


Kulturzentrum Schlachthof & Boreal

Nordstadtpark, 34127 Kassel


Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 3, 34117 Kassel



Location: Nordstadtpark, Gloria-Kino Kulturzentrum Schlachthof & Boreal

The three Meydan Weekends happen on July 8–10, August 12–14, and September 9–11, 2022.

Download full program

Ticket: No exhibition ticket needed



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