“Wayang Kardus” Workshop by lumbung artist Taring Padi

Date: Monday, April 11 and
Tuesday, 12, 2022

Place: Kunstschule Kempten, Germany

An animated GIF in black and white with two puppets. One puppet's head says
Taring Padi: Wayang Kardus Workshop: Struggle and Solidarity, 2022

Wayang kardus, Indonesian for recycled cardboard puppets, are part of Taring Padi’s artistic practice, and are used to support people in their struggles for social justice.

Together with the artists, the workshop participants learn how to make those cardboard puppets. These will also be included in the lumbung artist’s contribution to documenta fifteen.

View impressions of the last Wayang Kardus at Framer Framed in Amsterdam.

Register here for the Monday, April 11 and Tuesday, 12 in Kempten, Germany

More workshops are planned on:
  • Tuesday, May 10 and Wednesday, 11, 2022, in Heidelberg, Germany
  • Wednesday, June 8 until Friday, 10, 2022, in Kassel, Germany


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