documenta fifteen becomes part of the network for sustainable material circulation

Drawn with a few blue strokes: A thoughtful girl, with thought bubbles like
Illustration by Lingyu Jin, Kassel, 2021

On July 23 and 24, 2021, documenta fifteen hosted a symposium at ruruHaus on material circulation within the arts and cultural sector. The temporary nature of art exhibitions results in the short-term implementation of resources, which is why documenta fifteen has become involved in the subject of sustainable material distribution.

For this occasion, representatives of documenta fifteen, ruangrupa, and various German-speaking initiatives dealing with the circulation of materials, came together for a symposium to discuss the potential of sustainable methods of distribution and their implementation.

Illustration by Lingyu Jin, Kassel, 2021

The aim is to build a network of collectives and initiatives to tackle the reuse and dispersal of materials. Here, the exchange of knowledge, motivation, and experience is as important as the sharing of material resources. Particular attention will be paid towards providing a platform for the groups involved and, ultimately, the foundation of an umbrella organization.

Illustration by Lingyu Jin, Kassel, 2021

For the fifteenth edition of documenta, ruangrupa’s curatorial approach focuses on principles of collectivity, resource building, and equitable distribution. Attempts will be made to consider and implement, where possible, sustainable processes for the entire exhibition in terms of both social aspects and environmental issues.

The collaboration entails:

  • using shared resources
  • designing venues
  • the implementation of workshops for the transfer of knowledge
  • the preparation of materials for further use and distribution to the network
  • the use of common resources


  • allerleih e.V. – Library of Things, Kassel
  • bauteilbörse bremen
  • Colorlabor of the Verbund Offener Werkstätten e.V., Kassel
  • documenta archiv, Kassel
  • documenta fifteen, Kassel
  • InRessBau, Kassel
  • The Institute for Applied Heterotopia, Nuremberg
  • Iswanto Hartono, ruangrupa member
  • Koalition Freie Szene Berlin, AG Materielle Infrastruktur
  • Konglomerat e.V., Dresden
  • Kulturamt der Stadt Kassel
  • KUNST-STOFFE – Zentralstelle für wiederverwendbare Materialien – e.V., Berlin
  • Materialbuffet e.V, Leipzig
  • Materialverteilung, Kassel
  • mela wear GmbH, Kassel
  • MFA – Material Für Alle, Frankfurt am Main
  • Museum Hessen Kassel
  • Materialdepot gUG, Dresden
  • OFFCUT Genossenschaft, Zürich
  • Recycling-Kosmos, Vienna
  • SHARDS – Fliesen aus Bauschutt, Kassel
  • Sozialamt/ Kommunale Arbeitsförderung Stadt Kassel
  • TRASH GALORE GbR, Leipzig
  • Treibgut, Munich
  • Trillhof Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Kassel
  • University of Kassel
  • Weitergeben.org, Hof
  • Zündstoffe – Materialvermittlung, Dresden


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