Artist Collectives – The Ego Trip is Finished! | arte TWIST

Photo shows two people from behind with hood and cap. They are walking towards the city center of Kassel. White writing underneath ruangrupa.

arte TWIST, still from Ego-Trip war gestern! Kunst im Kollektiv, 2021

The myth of the artist-genius—a single talent, kissed by the muse, egocentric—is how artists have long been glorified. But that seems to be over.

Among others, arte TWIST meets ruangrupa in Kassel and The Nest Collective in Nairobi to explore where the need for collective artistic practices comes from.

TWIST is the cultural magazine show of arte that visits a different European metropolis in each episode to take the pulse of its artistic scene.

Languages: German, French

Subtitles: English, Spanish, Polish, Italian

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