Puppet workshop by Trampoline House

Location: Hübner areal Trampoline House

Languages: English


During Spring 2022, Joachim Hamou initiated a series of puppet workshops with lumbung member Trampoline House. The idea was to create a representation of users of Trampoline House who are not allowed to travel or have been stripped of their rights and identity cards in the Danish asylum system. The result of these workshops can be seen in Trampoline House’s exhibition at documenta fifteen. Many of the workshop participants were forcibly moved to other asylum centers or out of the country and could therefore never finish their works. This is one of the reasons why faster techniques were developed, so that the works—usually masks—could be as representative as possible. In the workshop at Sandershaus these techniques will be used. Masks that are never finished—ghost masks, so to speak—are also part of the result, both at the workshop and in the Trampoline House exhibition.
The workshop is kids friendly for children over the age of six accompanied by an adult.

Invited guests

Joachim Hamou


Trampoline House

Agathofstraße 15, 34123 Kassel



Location: Hübner areal Trampoline House

Languages: English



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