Meydan #2 Sunday

Location: Nordstadtpark, Gloria-Kino Kulturzentrum Schlachthof & Boreal

Ticket: No exhibition ticket needed

The three Meydan Weekends happen on July 8–10, August 12–14, and September 9–11, 2022.

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From August 12 to 14, 2022, Meydan #2, in cooperation with the Kulturzentrum Schlachthof Kassel, offers a music program, a flea market, a program by lumbung film, conversations, and workshops. Meydan #2 also includes gatherings with Composting Knowledge, an ongoing experimental network for knowledge production, initiated by ruruHaus in Kassel.

As part of Meydan, the grand opening of the 24th Kasseler Weltmusikfestival takes place at Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, Boreal, and Nordstadtpark.

Meydan in Urdu, Fārsi, Ukrainian, Turkish and Arabic refers to an accessible common space in a city, such as a square or public park, where people come together. It’s an accessible space for having assemblies to discuss, to dissent, and to celebrate.

Program in Nordstadtpark

2–4 pm

Room 4 Resistance presents an afternoon of music and queer joy with R4R residents rRoxymore and Luz, plus their talented friends from Brazil, BADSISTA and L’Homme Statue (Live).

3–4 pm
4–6 pm
6–7 pm
L’homme Statue with Zopelar LIVE
7–9 pm

Program at Boreal

2–4 pm
Composting Knowledge workshop

Program at Kulturzentrum Schlachthof

4–5.30 pm
DUGRI, lecture, performance, Q&A

Program at Gloria-Kino

lumbung Film: GDR International #3 at Gloria-Kino

Responding to the remarkable presence of archives as residues of parallel histories and networks of solidarity at documenta fifteen, GDR INTERNATIONAL reflects on how the internationalist agenda of Socialist East Germany (German Democratic Republic) affected the country’s film production and film politics.

5.15–10 pm
  • Oyoyo, dir. Chetna Vora, GDR 1980, 45 min, DCP, German with English subtitles
  • Reading and Screening of: Women in Berlin (aka Shadow Images), dir. Chetna Vora, GDR 1980, 45 min, DCP, German with English subtitles
More information on the film program


The Israeli Jewish educator and creator Uriya Rosenman and the Palestinian Arab singer and actor Sameh Zakout first joined forces to produce the social project Let’s Talk Straight, a video clip showcasing a Jewish-Arab rap battle. The video was published and immediately went viral during the May 2021 riots in Israel. After the significant impact of this video, they decided to continue their collaboration and established DUGRI, a social movement that unites Jews and Arabs by creatively echoing a new moderate Israeli-Palestinian narrative. DUGRI creates authentic content for the younger generation, enables Jewish-Arab engagements through education, and builds a community of young moderates who believe in talking straight and co-creating a mutually beneficial future.

Created in 2014, Berlin-based queer collective Room 4 Resistance has been at the forefront of forward-thinking clubbing for years, exploring the political dimensions of the dancefloor, advocating for more visibility of underepresented artists, and prioritizing awareness, safety and care within nightlife. Over the years, R4R has hosted intersectional queer feminist raves and monthly radio shows, curated panel discussions and workshops – with the goals of nurturing rising artists that were too often left on the margins, sharing resources and knowledge, and bridging different communities.

luz (they / them) is a neuroqueer DJ, curator, community organizer and nightlife disruptor. Co-founder of Berlin-based queer collective Room 4 Resistance, they’re also a member of Ecology of Care and Unsound’s Mutual Respect team. Their practice of nightlife is deeply anchored in queer feminist spaces, grassroots organizing, community care and harm reduction.

rRoxymore’s sound may radically evolve, yet her principles as an artist remain rooted in experimentation, community and a committed social consciousness. She is a longstanding resident with Room 4 Resistance, a core artist on UK label Don’t Be Afraid, and collaborates on projects in tandem with artists from alternative and queer culture, like Planningtorock and Decon/Recon. The most recent of rRoxymore’s accolades include her 2019 debut album, Face to Phase, which was highly acclaimed by Pitchfork and Resident Advisor.

L’homme Statue with Zopelar LIVE
Afro-French multi-artist Loic Koutana (a.k.a. L’homme Statue) has accumulated an extensive trajectory of performance in the Brazilian art scene. In recent years, Koutana has conquered a solid space among the main names of the new generation of artists in Brazil and is a reference in São Paulo’s independent scene. Having started his solo music career in early 2019, L’homme Statue releases his first album Ser, produced and composed together with producer Pedro Zopelar, his bandmate and biggest creative partner, who runs the ODD party.

Born and raised in the city of São Paulo, Rafaela Andrade is the name behind the musical producer BADSISTA, and co-founder with Linn da Quebrada of the project Bandida.  Her self-titled debut EP was released in April by the São Paulo label Funk Na Caixa. Her musical ability leads the dance floor by various genres of electronic music, especially the peripheral genres, such as techno, Chicago house, Brazilian funk. Her music of the global ghetto is popular at parties such as Mamba Negra, Sangra Muta, and Tormenta in São Paulo’s underground scene; and around the globe at festivals like CTM.


Kulturzentrum Schlachthof & Boreal

Nordstadtpark, 34127 Kassel


Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 3, 34117 Kassel



Location: Nordstadtpark, Gloria-Kino Kulturzentrum Schlachthof & Boreal

The three Meydan Weekends happen on July 8–10, August 12–14, and September 9–11, 2022.

Download full program

Ticket: No exhibition ticket needed



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