Political incorrectness by Trampoline House

Location: Hübner areal Trampoline House

Languages: English


The event Political incorrectness by lumbung member Trampoline House is going to be a place of laughter, joy, and fun. They will tackle a lot of the social and political issues that people have been repeatedly asked to stay away from, complain about them, share thoughts and impressions, but more importantly, let’s make it fun.

Here everybody is allowed to tell the truth without makeup—„We will be calling shit as we see them and have a blast over it.” If you feel like you have a lot of frustration over many things and you want to talk those things out while having fun over it, then join our bunch in Trampoline House’s space in Hübner areal.

Invited guests

Muhannad Al Ulaby


Trampoline House

Agathofstraße 15, 34123 Kassel



Location: Hübner areal Trampoline House

Languages: English


showing and telling

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