A Green Plant: How to deliver care through materials by BOLOHO

Location: Hübner areal

Languages: English, Mandarin


lumbung artist BOLOHO presents A Green Plant: How to deliver care through materials.

One day, Sophy picked a section of BOLOHO from home and gave it to me. It was like a message or a thought, and I have kept it to this day. BOLOHO and her friends pass on the sadness of their lives and creations through materials from time to time in their daily lives. This could be a birthday present, a wish for an exhibition opening, a long-awaited memory, or the production of materials for each other’s creations. The production of these things bonded the channels of emotional connection and brought a kind of care and support beyond words.

On the windowsill, the green boloho plant continues to grow new branches and leaf buds over time, and I place a few beads next to it, gently, as if it had been lightly folded at a certain moment in time.

Invited Guests

Li Xiaotian
Liu Di
Xie Siyan
Tan Jing
Zheng Ke


Agathofstraße 15, 34123 Kassel



Location: Hübner areal

Languages: English, Mandarin



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