lumbung calling: Transparency

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The fifth lumbung calling on focuses on lumbung value Transparency. For a community to live together with common values, transparency must be embedded in ways of thinking and behaving. The concept of lumbung is related to collective life, and thus transparency becomes a pivotal element. In lumbung, the notion of transparency is closely linked to trust, which is necessary for holding individuals together in groups. These two values, transparency and trust, remain significant across time and cultures. How do they manifest on a daily basis in different territories and times with their distinct forms? How have they evolved or diminished? How is transparency related to power sharing within a community? This lumbung calling demonstrates how various levels of transparency have a role in determining lumbung values and establishing healthy ecosystems. More

Guests: Erica Malunguinho, trans-, art-, and Black activist, cultural agitator, and educator, and Shahidul Alam, photographer, writer, and curator

Hosts: Jumana Emil Abboud, lumbung artist and Mirwan Andan, member of ruangrupa

Language: English with translation into International Sign

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