Fridericianum as a school


During documenta fifteen, the Fridericianum becomes Fridskul (Fridericianum as School), serving as a repository for shared resources, such as knowledge, stories, and experiences. This “harvest” of resources is not only stored in the building but also activated and produced by artists. Here, lumbung as a storage barn becomes tangible, as does an understanding of art that is not separate from daily life.

Gudskul from Indonesia, of which ruangrupa is a founding member, is one of the collectives participating in Fridskul. By invitation of the collective, public workshops, seminars, and open formats of exchange take place in the Fridericianum. The artists live, sleep, eat, cook, and work together in the former exhibition building, where a dormitory and kitchen allow them to relocate their everyday lives to the Fridericianum. Fridskul creates a space for encounters whose shape is determined over time by its use.

On the ground floor of the Fridericianum, RURUKIDS invites babies, children, teenagers, and their parents to learn and discover through play and meet with artists. Together, lumbung artists, Kassel initiatives, and art mediators, called sobat-sobat (Indonesian for friends), create a safe and stimulating environment where children can relax, play, and explore freely.

RURUKIDS is open every day during the opening hours of documenta fifteen. Detailed information on workshop programs and film screenings can be soon found here.


A cross section of a drawn multi-storey house in black and white.

Fridskul, Drawing by Daniella Fitria Praptono, 2022