CANCELED: Water System School Workshop #2: Working with Soil by Cao Minghao & Chen Jianjun

Location: Hafenstraße 76 Cao Minghao & Chen Jianjun

Languages: English, Mandarin


Program information

Due to current circumstances revolving around the COVID-19 pandemic, all events up to and including Friday, June 24, 2022 are being canceled as a precautionary measure.

We ask for your understanding.


Gärtnerei Fuldaaue Kassel has abandoned its reliance on industrial machinery and returned to fundamental agricultural methods, using innovative and sustainable production techniques. Ever since, the garden has been yielding seasonal organic vegetables on 0.7 hectares of land. Such a practice discusses the ecological connections with Kassel or even with a larger scale of geological space. It addresses the ecological thinking and the complex way of life of the local people, which has existed, been invented, and enacted against the background of the existing discourse of natural ecology.

In collaboration with Gärtnerei Fuldaaue, the Water System School studies the mutual restoration between humans and soil. The Water System School Workshop Series by lumbung artists Cao Minghao & Chen Jianjun aims to encourage practices and discussions related to materials, species, ecological knowledge, and sheltering techniques.

Invited Guests

Timo Wilmesmeier from Gärtnerei Fuldaaue
Xuehua Zhang


In English and Mandarin with translation into German.


Cao Minghao & Chen Jianjun

Hafenstraße 76, 34125 Kassel



Location: Hafenstraße 76 Cao Minghao & Chen Jianjun

Languages: English, Mandarin

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