Village Cinema – Golden Slumbers by Sa Sa Art Projects

Location: Sandershaus/Haferkakao­fabrik

Languages: English, French, Khmer


Cambodian cinema flourished in the 1960s, drawing huge crowds to theaters around the country, until the industry was destroyed by the Khmers Rouges in 1975. Of the 400 films produced, only 30 have survived. Almost all actors were killed during the reign of Pol Pot and only a few directors were able to flee the country.

Most of the old movie theaters of Phnom Penh have become restaurants, karaoke clubs, or squats. The film Golden Slumbers (2011, 96 min.) by Davy Chou resurrects the myths and legends of this lost cinema. Through survivors’ stories and the search for remnants of their era in modern Phnom Penh, the film reveals the vital importance movies had for an entire generation, as well as the complex legacy they leave today’s youth to inherit.

The film is screened as part of lumbung artist Sa Sa Art Projects’ Village Cinema.


In Khmer and French with English subtitles


Sandershäuser Str. 79, 34123 Kassel



Location: Sandershaus/Haferkakao­fabrik

Languages: English, French, Khmer



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