Vida caminata – Walk of Life

Location: Friedrichsplatz Aboriginal Tent Embassy


Vida caminata – Walk of Life is a publication edited by lumbung member Arts Collaboratory and Protectores de la tierra (Earth Protectors), between Mexico and Colombia in 2022. It brings together the words, songs and paintings of Andrés Murillo “Landero”, from the Afro-Indigenous Pacific coast in Chocó, Colombia.

The Black maestro (master-teacher), Landero is recognized locally and regionally as a sabedor de plantas (wise elder and plant expert) and for his knowledge of agriculture with culturally-specific approaches. He makes bottles of viche curao, an ancestral liquor created by enslaved people in the “post-colonial” era, with medicinal and recreational uses.

Landero currently also collaborates with Protectores de la Tierra, a farming project focused on native products of the territory. With the goal that it is his voice that tells his story, knowledge and sentiment, we collected his words through audio recordings in which he manifests his thought-feelings with greater authority in the afro-diasporic communities of Abya Yala; close to the first generations kidnapped from Africa and brought to America; Landero is a bard, teacher, wise elder, he is a living ancestor, he is latent and walking ancestralit.

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Aboriginal Tent Embassy

Friedrichsplatz, 34117 Kassel



Location: Friedrichsplatz Aboriginal Tent Embassy


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